Abandoned House - Columbus

Abandoned House

This house caught my attention while out shooting one day. Maybe it was the bars on the windows, not sure, but this photo turned out exactly how I had envisioned it in my mind when I saw the house, almost like it is moving towards me as I look at it. The texture turned out nice as well.

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Yellow Trees
Yellow Forest

Yellow Forest

Mon Dec 28, 2015

This photo is from a hike at Plymouth Bluff Environmental Center near Columbus and sitting right on the Tombigbee River.

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Foggy Evening - Columbus

Fri Oct 2, 2015

I love taking photos whne it's foggy out, especially at night. It creates so much mystery and mystique in the photo that really appeals to me.

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Sunset on the Rocks
Sunset on the Rocks

Sunset on the Rocks

Thu May 19, 2016

Here is a beautiful sunset just upstream from the Lock & Dam on the East Bank of Tombigbee River in Columbus. Great colors in the sky on this day.

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