Abandonement and New Site Design

Abandoned High School

So I have redesigned my blog because I figured after almost a year of photo blogging that it was time for a fresh look. I hope you enjoy. It is still beign worked on, but I hope to soon have an easier way to filter out counties and towns so that you can find that photo of your hometown that you've been looking for.

Here is yet another abandoned school shot. However this is not West Clay High School, this is the old Hattiesburg High School near downtown Hattiesburg. I have no idea when this building was closed so maybe someone can fill me in on that by commenting below. It appears to be gutted and possibly in the process of renovation, maybe for a different use, but I am really not sure, I just thought it looked cool.

Give me some feedback on the new look of the site and some suggestions on things you would like to see. Have a great weekend!

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Main Street Sunrise

Wed Oct 4, 2017

Here is another shot from my sunrise photo shoot in downtown Hattiesburg. I thought this was a peaceful scene, looking down Main Street as the sun prepares to rise over the horizon.

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Gas Stop
Gas Stop

Gas Stop

Wed Oct 18, 2017

I love the dramatic look of this photo early in the morning surrounding by a dark glow as the sun was still below the horizon and the flourescent lights creating a sort of spotlight on the gas pump

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USM Fountain

Sat Mar 5, 2016

Here is another shot of the admin building at Southern MIss in Hattiesburg. I really love how these shots turned out, with a very surreal feel, but very sharp and colorful.

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