Ackerman Train Depot

Ackerman Train Depot

If you click on the "ackerman" tag above you will see a photo at sunset of these train tracks from the other side of the depot. This was the same day except looking away from the sun when it hadn't quite set yet. 

Also, I have revamped my Photos page, so go check it out if you want to see photos from all the counties that I've hit so far (many more to go).

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Tracks at Sunset - Ackerman

Fri May 22, 2015

Found a nice sunset while passing through Ackerman and the tracks that go right through the middle of town run right into the sunset so i thought that was the perfect place to take a sunset photo.

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Wed Feb 18, 2015

As I try to expand the portfolio to include more of Mississippi I made a really quick trip to Ackerman last week. I found this old building and thought it just looked really interesting.

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Orange Track
Orange Track

Orange Track

Wed Feb 15, 2017

Everyone loves to photograph railroad tracks. I'm not sure why, but it is basically a fact. I'm one of those people, but I also realize that they can be kind of played out.

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