Backroad Bridge

Backroad Bridge

I had to go to Columbus last night to shoot a video, so as I was travelling down 82 I noticed the gorgeous sunset happening so I got off the highway to find a good spot to capture. This bridge is a place that I have stopped to photograph on a few times, but I always shoot there because this bridge goes over Hwy 82 and I like to try and capture light trails of the heavy traffic below. Before I did that this time I decided to photograph the bridge because the scene captured me and there was a great purple glow going on with the sun below the horizon and casting all kinds of pastel colors off of the clouds. I did end up capturing some nice light trail photos, but as I was editing all of my photos this one really stood out so I wanted to post this one first. Hope you enjoy!

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Sunset on Columbus Lake
Columbus Lake at Sunset

Columbus Lake at Sunset

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