Barn at Sunset

Barn at Sunset

I have to be honest. It can sometimes be a challenge to post a different photo every single day. Not because I don't want to, but because of choosing a blog worthy photo EVERYDAY. Sometimes, when sifting through photos I can't decide which photo or if there is a photo that should make it to the blog. I'm not always completely happy with every photo (and I may never be), but the challenge of it is precicesly why I decided to be an everyday photo blogger. It forces me, first of all, to get out and shoot... a lot. It also makes me be diligent about how I edit photos and how I compose them because I want to have lots of really good photos and not to go out and shoot tons of photos and come back to only find that one or two of them are any good. It causes me to explore different types of photography, different types of editing, textures, etc., because although every photo is an HDR photo I don't want all of them to look exactly the same or be monotonous. Having said all that, I don't take myself too seriously, and understand that I am new to the game and have lots and lots to learn.

Oh and this is a picture of a barn at sunset.

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