Beach Shade

Beach Shade

Here's a nice shot that makes me want to hang out all day at the beach soaking up the sun. But I digress, the sky was great on this day and the beach was pretty empty which made for a great photo opp. I like simple compositions that aren't very busy so that you can focus on the subject easily and not be too busy being distracted by other things, but that lets your eye move around and investigate it a little more. Hopefully this one fits the bill for you.

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Gulf Pier
Old Pier

Old Pier

Sat Oct 8, 2016

Enjoy this photo from Biloxi during my visit there last year. Got to witness an awesome sunset that day.

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Beach Umbrella - Biloxi

Fri Jun 5, 2015

I finally made it to the mississippi gulf coast. I only had one day to spend there so we stuck to the scenic highway along the coast.

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Biloxi Beach at Sunset

Mon Jul 20, 2015

Who doesn't love to watch the sun set on the beach on a beautiful Mississippi summer day.

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