Black & White Can Make Better

4th St. S.

This is a photo from downtown Columbus in front of the Episcopal church. I took this shot in 2014 while practicing my nighttime photography and I really didn't like it, but I keep almost every photo that I take, so when I came back to it and played around some more I finally decided to try it in black & white and now I really like it. There are so many interesting things going on in the photo, including the light and the textures that were brought out when the color was no longer a distraction.

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Teasdale Grave

Mon Sep 19, 2016

Since the heat just won't go away, I figured I would post a snow photo to cool you off just a bit. This is the Teasdale grave at Friendship Cemetery in Columbus.

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Two Years!

Wed Feb 8, 2017

Today marks two years of Mississippi in HDR. That means for the last 728 days I have successfully posted a photo.

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St. Paul's Episcopal Church
A Church Without Wires

A Church Without Wires

Thu Nov 5, 2015

This is the beautiful St. Paul's Episcopal Church in downtown Columbus.

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