Bowen Hall

Bowen Hall

I went on a little photo walk around campus a few months ago in early spring during my lunch break and what a fantastic day it was to take photos. There were some nice clouds in the sky to create a bit of texture to the sky and the lighting was better than I expected for such a sunny day. Sometimes shooting in the middle of the day can create some harsh light, but that wasn't the case on this day. The lighting actually created some nice sharpness and really displayed all of the details in the photo from the small leaves on the trees to the people walking in front of the building.

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Harned Tree
Harned Tree

Harned Tree

Fri Mar 4, 2016

Here is another shot from my walk around campus earlier this week. This is Harned Hall, which has an awesome tree in front of it.

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Lake Path - MSU

Tue Sep 29, 2015

Here is a photo of Chadwick Lake on the Mississippi State University campus. This lake has a new walking path that goes all the way around the lake and it really is a scenic part of campus.

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Wooden Doors

Sun Apr 3, 2016

This neat doorway is located in the Cotton District in Starkville.

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