Brick Road

Brick Road

This was a really cool little strip in dowtown Wiggins. Brick roads are awesome and it's cool to see them in these small downtowns. Laurel is another town that has brick streets. It's interesting to visit different Mississippi small towns to see the differences in how the people there spruce them up. It's unfortunate that most people miss these scenes because highways constantly bypass them to accomodate the rush of travellers.

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Serendipity Deli - Wiggins

Mon Aug 3, 2015

Went through Wiggins on a Sunday so unfortunately most of downtown was closed, but I would've liked to have tried this place to see if it was any good. Maybe you've been there.

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Barber Shop - Wiggins

Fri Aug 28, 2015

Wiggins has a small but quaint downtown area and I love to see old Barber poles still around and actually in front of a barber shop.

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Vintage Stripe
Vintage Stripe

Vintage Stripe

Wed Jul 12, 2017

This is a photo of the Stone County Courthouse and the road leading up to it in Wiggins, from a unique perspective.

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