Brick Store

Brick Store

You tend to find interesting things when you venture off of the road more travelled in any given town. Not that there aren't interesting things on those roads, and I photograph many things on them, but off the beaten path is where you tend to find more things that don't fit the norm or the cookie cutter style of new buildings that spring up in the developments of towns. Old buildings with great character, whether they are dirty or clean. Buildings like the one above. I am not certain of what this building is used for, maybe a shop, a warehouse? I'm sure someone from the Houston area can fill me on that. I would love to know. These places have lots of stories to tell and they even make you imagine what those stories are in your own mind before you even have a clue what it's used for. So feel free to imagine it yourself and investigate this photo and the things contained in it.

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Monochrome Courthouse
Monochrome Courthouse

Monochrome Courthouse

Thu Sep 15, 2016

Here is a photo that I took over a year go of the Chickasaw County courthouse in Houston. This is one of my favorite courthouses that I've seen so far.

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Chickasaw County Courthouse - Houston

Tue Apr 14, 2015

Here is the Courthouse in downtown Houston. Mississippi has some beautiful courthouses and I usually photograph them when I visit different towns.

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Tanglefoot Trail - Houston

Tue Jun 9, 2015

This is the entrance to the Tanglefoot Trail in Houston. Actually this could also be considered the ending of the trail if you start in New Albany.

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