Broken Windows

Sun Jul 23, 2017

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In the grand scheme I am really new to photography. I took some college photography classes during my time as an art major and I have fiddled with cameras in the past and I have known about composition for a while, but actually taking on photography as a hobby and even trying to make money off of it has only happened within the last 3 years, so through taking more photos and trying to actually be a photographer I am still learning and have learned so much. One of my most recent vetures in photography has been shooting exclusively in Manual Mode on my camera. Since really diving into HDR I kept my camera on Aperture Priority all the time, only changing the aperture settings, wider for portraits, narrower for landscapes, wider for dark scenes, narrower for light scenes, etc., etc. But since late last year I decided to shoot all Manual, all the time, no excuses. Since that time my photos, at least to me, have gotten much better and much easier to post-process, because, duh! I'm getting the settings right in camera and not having to fix as many issues in post. What a revelation!!!! 

One of the biggest troubles I always had was shooting during the middle of the day. I used to think that it just wasn't an ideal time to shoot for HDR because the sunlight just blew all the highlights out to a point that you couldn't recover them in post. Now it is becoming one of my favorite times to shoot because I can get results like this, with a beautiful blue sky and the texture of those puffy clouds that you feel like you could reach up, grab and eat, like cotton candy. When I see clouds like that in the sky it makes me itch to get out and shoot. And believe me, there was sweat involved in taking this photo, because it was 101 degrees outside and I think the humidity may have been 1,000%!

This photo comes to you from downtown Tupelo, near a mostly abandoned building and factory that sits next to the train tracks. I was out exploring yesterday and this area really caught my eye (I love abandoned, slightly broken places) and I was already excited about shooting that sky. A train had just come through so I stopped near it and saw that there were some old tracks that had a few no longer in use train cars sitting on it, so I got out, walked around, photographed, sweated profusely, and did more exploring.