Building on the Corner

Building on the Corner

While wondering around on foot ind downtown Jackson one dreary Saturday I came into this part of the city next to the Capitol building and reallly loved the feel of it. Add to that, it was almost like walking around in a ghost town because I rarely saw other people. It was an eerie feeling but I think that added a little mystery to the photos. Maybe I should've named this photo "Where Are All the People At?".

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Mississippi Center for Justice - Jackson

Tue Jun 16, 2015

This building is right across the street from the capitol building (side of the captiol building that is).

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Sat Jul 4, 2015

I crossed the bay bridge into Ocean Springs and that was as far I was able to get in the time I had to tour the coast a few weeks back.

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Capitol Building Construction - Jackson

Mon May 4, 2015

Finally made itto  Jackson, albeit, a short trip, but I did get plenty of shots of the front of the capitol building.

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