Cemetery Clouds - Starkville

Cemetery Clouds

This is a shot from Memorial Gardens Park Cemetery near Starkville on a cloudy day. I was playing with bokehs and I really like how this shot turned out. I basically laid my camera on the ground to take this photo.

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Library Chairs
Library Chairs

Library Chairs

Mon Mar 28, 2016

I went exploring inside the Mitchell Memorial Library on the MSU campus during Spring Break, since I knew there would be very few people there.

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North Farm Tree - MSU

Fri May 1, 2015

So keeping with the vintage theme, here's another similarly edited shot to the last two that I posted of a cool tree looking out over North Farm on the Mississippi State campus.

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Railroad Pines
Railroad Pines

Railroad Pines

Sun Feb 28, 2016

I took this shot from my car as I stopped on the tracks (It was not a busy road!).

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