Chopped Wood in the Chapel - Wood College

Chopped Wood in the Chapel - Wood College

As I typed the title of this blog post I laughed a little at the unintentional pun of it, so I hope that you didn't think that was a lame attempt at humor, but it is fitting that this photos was taken at Wood College. This is a little room to the side of the stage at the front of the outdoor chapel and it seemed interesting to me when I saw it and I wondered why there was chopped wood sitting in this room when there seemed to be no use for it inside the chapel, but maybe there was something I missed. I like that it made me ask questions about why the logs were there and I think photos like this should make you wonder about why/how/when because it forces you to search the photo a little more. I think an axe in the corner would've been a nice addition to this photo, but alas, on this day I just happened to leave my axe at home.

Looking forward to taking some photos in the Jackson area this Saturday morning and afternoon.

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