Christmas Table

Christmas Table

This is my mom's Christmas table. For as far back as I can remember we gathered around the table at my parents house on Christmas Eve to celebrate together and at the end of the night exchange gifts. Christmas time has always been very special to me and my family.

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Dock Reflection
Dock Reflection

Dock Reflection

Mon Nov 30, 2015

Here is yet another old photo that I was able to be happy with through post processing.

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River Walk Bridge at Sunset - Columbus

Sun Apr 12, 2015

I realize that some people don't like HDR photography or heavily edited photos in general because it's not natural. However, I love it.

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Road to Narnia

Sat Oct 29, 2016

Ok, so this really isn't Narnia, if you haven't already guessed. It is a pretty magical scene though, and one that isn't seen often in Mississippi.

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