Church at Sunrise - Pearl River County

Church at Sunrise - Pearl River County

Spent last weekend on the Mississippi panhandle in a cabin near Poplarville, thanks to a friend! I covered 8 counties that weekend which put a big dent in my march toward having a photo from all 82 counties by December 31. I woke up before sunrise one morning and just rode around looking for things to photograph and I passed by this church on Hwy 26 (the road on the right) a few miles outside of Poplarville and thought the sunrise looked cool in the backdrop behind that tree. I foresaw the composition in my head so I parked and shot a couple of photos and I really like how it turned out. Sunrises are the best, but unfortunately the hardest to get because I have to wake up so early! 

I am posting this from Las Vegas, NV! It's my first time here and I cannot wait to get out and shoot around the area. I know this blog is specifically for photos of Mississippi but in the near future I will add a page with non Mississippi photos if anyone is interested in seeing them (which will hopefully include many awesome Vegas photos) since I do shoot outside of Mississippi when I get the chance.

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