A Church Without Wires

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

This is the beautiful St. Paul's Episcopal Church in downtown Columbus. It is such a nice building and the grounds around it are so well kept and it just adds so much to the already beautiful downtown area. As I was going back through old photos I found this one, but there was one thing about it that I hated. THERE WERE POWERLINES EVERYWHERE!!! Though I know that power lines are a needed thing, they can sometimes just get in the way of an otherwise good scene. I run across them all the time and they are very frustrating to deal with as a photographer. But you might be saying "But there aren't any power lines in the photo" with a perplexed look on your face which is slightly tilted to one side in wonder.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, I often remove power lines from my photos because they are such an eyesore and because I am a bit of a ninja when it comes to using Photoshop as I've been using it for almost 20 years (about 17 to be a bit more precise). However, with this photo I think I removed more wires than I ever have before, but in the end it was worth it as it uncovered a MUCH better scene. In fact I even want to show you the before photo so you can appreciate the work I put into it.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church With Power Lines

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