Columbus Lake at Sunset

Sunset on Columbus Lake

Here's a shot I took a while back of Columbus Lake at Sunset. I will confess that this isn't technically HDR as the full dynamic range is not visible and it is only a single shot, whereas HDR is almost always made from multiple exposures. But it's my web site and I wanted to post it. Besides, 99% of the photos on this blog are HDR so I think that passes at least the minimum standard for calling your site an HDR site. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this shots.

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Statue of Liberty - Columbus

Sun Sep 27, 2015

No I didn't photoshop the NYC Statue of Liberty into this photo. This mini Statue of Liberty sits in the middle of Main Street in downtown Columbus.

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Tiny Fair
Tiny Fair

Tiny Fair

Sat Jun 18, 2016

Here's another shot from the fair using tilt-shift. I love tilt-shift photography and I use to make tilt-shift photos when I had a cheap little camera.

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Fishin' On the Pier
Fishin' On the Pier

Fishin' On the Pier

Sat Feb 18, 2017

Here is a photo that I took almost 3 years ago at the Columbus Lock & Dam. I really like that I caught the birds flying by in the "Flying V" formation (Mighty Ducks anyone?).

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