Coming Storm

Coming Storm

As I was coming home from Columbus this past Sunday, I could see the approaching storm in the distance when I was coming up on the windmill on Hwy. 50, so I thought it would make a nice photo. I have photographed the windmill a lot, which you can see by looking through my Clay County photos. I think this may be my favorite one, because of the clouds in the background and the way that I chose to edit it. I rarely, if ever, do this, but I added a good bit of noise to the photo to give it a bit of a more vintage/film look. There wasn't a ton of color in the scene so I thought it fit perfectly to edit it this way. The American flag is a nice touch also.

I really tried to make sure I didn't lose the rain coming out of the clouds in the middle of the photo. I really wanted to capture the darkness of the scene due to the storm and really keep those shadows under the clouds to hold on to the drams that I saw when photographing. I actually had to hold my camera as high as I could to capture the rain in the distance as I was a little too low to get it otherwise.

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