Commerce Street at Night

Commerce Street at Night

Here's a shot I took last Christmas night of downtown West Point. I really need to get out more at night and shoot the small towns as they are lit up because I think I can get some nice shots that way. Plus, it's just fun and challenging to shoot at night.

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Happy 4th!

Tue Jul 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day from Mississippi in HDR!

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Windmill at Sunrise

Thu Apr 9, 2015

The windmill is the symbol of West Point as it greets you a few miles outside of town on Highway 50. I woke up pretty early on a Saturday to get this shot.

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Coming Storm
Coming Storm

Coming Storm

Thu Jul 14, 2016

As I was coming home from Columbus this past Sunday, I could see the approaching storm in the distance when I was coming up on the windmill on Hwy. 50, so I thought it would make a nice photo.

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