Corner Door

Corner Door

Not good weather and lots of yard work kept me from getting out and getting photos this weekend, but hopefully I can catch some good stuff this week and next weekend.

Here is a shot of the Southern Ionics corporate office in downtown West Point, part of a beautiful downtown that I live one block from and get to enjoy everyday. Thankful for small towns that are rejuvinated with stores and other businesses that keep that small town flare and charm going.

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Weekend of Textures

Fri Jul 15, 2016

This weekend I am going to try something a little different. I am calling it "Weekend of Textures". Today through Sunday each photo will be processed using different textures.

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Down the Hill
Down the Hill

Down the Hill

Mon Apr 18, 2016

I went downtown in West Point and took a ton of photos at sunset.

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First Presbyterian - West Point

Thu Apr 2, 2015

This is First Presbyterian in downtown West Point right across the street from Sally Kate Winters Park at sunset.

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