Courthouse in the Sun

Thu Aug 4, 2016

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I had a friend, who lives in Oxford, tell me the other day that every time he saw a photo from Oxford he got mad because I keep coming to Oxford and not contacting him to let him know that I was in town. I had to break the news to him that all of those photo came from one trip. That made him feel a bit better. Anyways, I tell that story because people often ask me if the photo that is posted each day is also taken on that same day. Obviously, from my previous story, that is not the case. I have actually taken a photo and posted it in the same day maybe one or two times, but 98% of the time, the photo was not taken the same day. In fact, I sometimes post photos that were taken more than a year ago as I go back through old photos and rediscover them or re-edit them.

I love the square in Oxford and the charm that they have been able to maintain within it and it was great to be able to walk around and photograph it almost by myself as it was early in the morning on a Saturday and no one else was out at that time. Beautiful place.