Cow Stretch

Cow Stretch

This photo is located right on the county line of Stone and Pearl River Counties, though I don't remember which side it was on. I'm not sure what the cow is really doing in this photo but it appears to be stretching... or bowing?

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Brick Street - Wiggins

Fri Jun 12, 2015

Passed through the small town of Wiggins and really loved this brick street in their downtown area. Created a great view looking down the hill with some nice little shops.

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Serendipity Deli - Wiggins

Mon Aug 3, 2015

Went through Wiggins on a Sunday so unfortunately most of downtown was closed, but I would've liked to have tried this place to see if it was any good. Maybe you've been there.

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Brick Road
Brick Road

Brick Road

Wed Aug 10, 2016

This was a really cool little strip in dowtown Wiggins. Brick roads are awesome and it's cool to see them in these small downtowns. Laurel is another town that has brick streets.

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