Cow Sunset

Cow Sunset

I saw that there would finally be clouds in the sky at sunset yesterday so my wife and I took her new jeep out to go get some sunset photos. The actual sunset was not as good as I had hoped, but after the sun went below the horizon it created this awesome purple, blue and orange glow. As we were taking back roads looking for interesting things we came upon these cows who were eating grass right next to the fence by the road. I hoped to get out and gently walk over and photograph them with the sunset in the background, but when I got within ten feet of them they took off. However, they were still a little curious so this cow kept his gaze on me while I was able to capture this photograph. It had gotten pretty dark, but I opened up my aperture all the way to 2.8 and the cow stood perfectly still for me to get a 3 shot HDR image.

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Downtown Street
Downtown Street

Downtown Street

Wed Aug 24, 2016

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