Crepe Myrtle - Cleveland

Crepe Myrtle - Cleveland

Part of my short tour of the delta last year included a stop in Cleveland, which has a nice historic downtown area. Like many other towns in Mississippi, which formerly had railroad tracks that ran through the middle of town, they turned the tracks into a walkway. It was lined with Crepe Myrtlyes and other trees and shrubs and I thought that the Crepe Myrtles had interesting textures so I took some close up shots of them. Typically I post wider landscape shots in HDR, because HDR is more condusive to wider shots, but I think that close up shots, even shots with some bokeh in it can make for nice HDR shots when done right. You'll see some HDR shots with heavier bokehs come up on the blog soon. The texture of the tree really pops here and it's fun to check out the details in it. Go visit Cleveland!

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Don't forget that at the posting of tomorrow's blog, all photos on my site will be for sale.

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