Dirty Room

Dirty Room

As I've travelled around the state and done research on it as well, I've come across several awesome abandoned places. Sometimes I stumble upon them and sometimes I know about them beforehand. This one I just stumbled upon while travelling through Okolona. I am not afraid to explore abandoned places, at least during the day, because they are so interesting to me and that interest and fascination usually outweigh any fear I might have. I explored this one by myself and had a blast. This building was full of, I assume, old classrooms and was in pretty rough shape, but it provided so many interesting textures to bring out in the post-processing. It's one of the things I love about HDR photography and how sometimes you feel like you could touch the photo and feel the textures. So much fun!

By the way, this was at Okolona College, which you can read a little more about and see more photos from by clicking on one of the hashtags.

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