Dockery Service Station

Dockery Service Station

I spent a good bit of time at Dockery Farms between Cleveland and Ruleville and took lots of photos (of course) while there of this gas station, the cotton gin and an old abandoned house there. It's truly a landmark of the delta. The gas station looks as if it's been untouched for a long time and looks straight out of the era it was built. I've been testing out some matte presets in Lightroom and it worked really well with this photo. It sort of makes it look like a painting which I think is great!

I'd also like to share a site with you that I think many of you will enjoy. It's and it includes photos of Mississippi Historic Markers from all 82 Mississippi Counties. This a site created by William "Brother" Rogers. I thought that this site was a great idea! It's great to be able to visit historic sites in person but through this you can read the historical markers from places that you may not have known about otherwise. So go check it out. I actually took a photo of the two historic markers that are located at Dockery Farms, one of which you can see on the photos page

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