Here is a photo from my visit to the coast about a year and a half ago. Looking forward to gettinb back down there and capturing some more photos and exploring more of the area. Unfortunately life has a way of throwing curveballs at you and knocking plans off course, one of which was to travel the entire state and capture a photo from every county. I have still failed to do that but looking forward to getting some travelling in hopefully this weekend. If only I was a full time photographer. One can dream.

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Ohr O'Keefe Museum of Art - Biloxi

Thu Jul 30, 2015

I love this modern museum right by the beach in Biloxi. Seeing it at sunset made it even better.

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Photo Number 300 - Beach Sunset

Sun Nov 29, 2015

Today is my 300th photo that I have posted on this site? How long did it take me to reach that milestone? 300 days to be exact.

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Beach Shade
Beach Shade

Beach Shade

Fri Mar 31, 2017

Here's a nice shot that makes me want to hang out all day at the beach soaking up the sun.

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