A Farm and a Rainbow - Lowndes County


I try my best to carry my camera around with me everywhere I go and it's in moments like these that I am grateful that I do so. I took this shot on my way home from work last week. I could see the rainbow becoming more visible as I drove down the highway so I took an exit nearby and stopped at this farm to capture the photo and I am really glad I did.

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Snowy Banks
Snowy Banks

Snowy Banks

Wed Aug 17, 2016

Here is a photo to cool you off during this hot summer. I took this the day after last year's snow when there was still a good bit of snow on the ground.

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Autumn Lake
Autumn Lake

Autumn Lake

Fri Mar 17, 2017

This is a photo I took at Lake Lowndes during mid-fall. That is the perfect time to capture some great autumn colors.

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Holly Hock's - Columbus & Newspaper Article

Mon Mar 9, 2015

First of all I would like to thank The Dispatch in Columbus, MS for publishing an article about me today in their paper.

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