Feedback Please!

Textured Light Trails

Let's call today Feedback Tuesday, because today I would like your feedback. I posted two images above that are actually the same images only one has a texture and the other does not. I love playing with textures and always have, but I thought I would ask you: Which photo do you prefer? Keep in mind, even the non textured photo has been edited. Just simply look at the photos and tell me which one you like best, and even tell me why. Let's get deep. I want to know what you like/don't like about it.

Oh and light trails are cool!

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Swamp Bottom
Post 1,000

Post 1,000

Sun Oct 29, 2017

Today is the mark that I've been striving to reach since I first started this blog and I'm so excited to finally get here.

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Two Bridges
Two Bridges

Two Bridges

Fri Aug 19, 2016

This a photo from the River Walk in Columbus. These are two bridges that take you to a little island across the Tombigbee River channel.

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White Foam

Thu Jun 8, 2017

A nice sunset at the Columbus Lock & Dam with some a little noise added to give it a bit of a film look.

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