First Methodist - Okolona

First Methodist - Okolona

I got some really good photos while visiting Okolona and walking up and down the downtown area there. Found this pretty church right across the street from the neat house I posted a photo of last week. My trip through Monroe, Chickasaw and Calhoun Counties was filled with cloudy skies and a good bit of rain, but the clouds really added to the photos. Unfortunately you can't control the weather, but you can hope that it works to your favor when you take the photos. Several of them did, fortunately.

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Empty Gazeebo
Empty Gazeebo

Empty Gazeebo

Tue Jan 10, 2017

Here is a shot from Okolona College in Okolona. This place was extremely creepy but fun to explore. The gazeebo was a great part of the old campus, being overgrown slightly with vines and weeds.

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Open Door

Wed Jan 11, 2017

I thought you might enjoy another photo from the abandoned Okolona College, which I discovered one day travelling through Okolona.

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Under the Vines - Okolona

Wed Sep 16, 2015

I shot this photo in the late winter when everyhing was still pretty dead. I went through 5 counties that day and had a ton of fun.

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