First Pres - Winona

First Presbyterian Church

I thought this was beautiful church, and what made it even better was the very pretty flowers in the bush next to it, which I think really came out nice in this photo. There is also a nice dome on top of the church that you can barely see here. I tried to get a good photo of the dome, but there was no angle I could get to to be able to get it in the photo properly.

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Red Train
Red Train

Red Train

Fri Feb 5, 2016

I traveled to downtown Winona one morning on a photo shoot there and it was my first time to visit their downtown and I loved the trains that sit on the old tracks next to the old depot there takin

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Winona Depot

Winona Depot

Fri Jul 24, 2015

Made an early morning trip to Winona a few weeks ago and really enjoyed my photo walk around the downtown area. It was around 6:00 am when I got to town so it was really quiet and peaceful.

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Old Motel - Winona

Mon Jul 13, 2015

Enjoyed my morning drive through Winona last weekend. I really like this simply old sign on this motel. I really miss vintage signs like this. More photos of Winona to come.

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