First Presbyterian Meridian

First Presbyterian Meridian

I recently posted a photo of downtown Meridian. I took quite a few photos while wandering around the area. One of the cool buildings I saw was this church, which is First Presbyterian Church. I loved the architecture, which to me resembles a castle. Not sure how old the building is, but it looks like a new building made to look older, but I could be wrong. Either way it made for some nice photos and I hope you enjoy this.

I like to play around when editing photos with different filters, effects, etc. Sometimes they look great and sometimes they look, well, terrible. It's fun to play though and through that you can make some ok photos great. With this photo I played with some graduated filters in LightRoom. I actually split the photo into two different filtered colors. The left half has a slightly yellow tint while the right half is more of a blue filter. I think they work well together especially how interact in the sky right above the top of the steeple. I think the subtlety of it works for me, but, hey, we all see things differently. I hope you enjoy it.

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