Fishin' Buddies - Clay County

Fishin' Buddies

My wife and I were invited to a get together this past Sunday and on the property of the home we were at was this small lake. There were a few other families there and these boys were part of one of those families and they were enjoying some fishing time. Since I always carry my camera with me I decided to snap some photos of the property and I just thought the scene of these two boys fishing was just so awesome. They were excited to have their pictures taken with the possibility of being on my web site, which I'm not sure they remembered the name of, but hopefully word will get to them. I was playing around with colors, kind of getting bored with the presets I was using while editing some of my photos, so I turned the Vibrance down and BAM! the colors just looked so great, especially considering the fall scenery outside. The mood of the photo just seemed to be perfect to me. I saved this new preset I created and will be using a lot in the future for both HDR shots and portraits. Exploring is fun!

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