Foggy Day

Foggy Day

I ventured up into the hills of Western Clay County the other day to capture the fog that had settled that day. The more I got into what's known as Kilgore Hills the foggier it got. Kilgore Hills is pretty dense with trees, but I was able to find this little spot to capture the foggy landscape. I saw no other cars while I was riding around there which made it very eerie.

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Cabin Over the Water
Cabin Over the Water

Cabin Over the Water

Fri Jan 15, 2016

It's nice to know people with beautiful land. Took this in someone's backyard west of West Point. Beautiful lake, nice sunset, a few clouds, and a red cabin. How could I not get a good shot. 

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Street Bokeh Experiment

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It's always fun to experiment with photography by trying different angles, different aperture settings, or laying your camera in the middle of the street and shooting straight ahead.

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