Friday Night Lights - West Point

Friday Night Lights - West Point

It's that time of year again when weekends are filled with football from Friday to Sunday. One of my favorite sports to watch is high school football, both because I love to watch football in general and because I love the community support for the hometown athletes. The whole atmoshphere of a Friday night football game is encapsulating; The smells, the sounds and the sights. I wanted to capture that in this photo that I took during the 1st quarter of West Point's game against arch rival Starkville. The beauty of the sunset in the background just added to the overall atmoshpere at the beginning of the game. 

I grew up going to Green Wave games and have some fond memories from those experiences, especially since there were some really good football being played back then. Although I don't go to as many games these days (I still go to most home games and some road games when I can), I still love going to watch and to take in the whole experience and to see people I don't often get to see otherwise.

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