Gated Barn

Gated Barn

Yesterday I noticed that the clouds were so magnificently puffy, so I grabbed my wife and we took the t-tops off of the Jeep and went for a late afternoon ride. The clouds did not dissapoint! In a post a few days ago I posted a single shot HDR that wouldn't work as a 3 shot image because the ISO was too high. However, the ISO in this photo was too high, yet this one worked as a 3 shot image. Go figure! Apparently when you have plenty of light, there is room for error when it comes to ISO and as long as your other settings are good. 

I forgot to check everything but my ISO when I was taking shots here and I didn't notice until later that my ISO had been at 800 the whole time, so we decided to stop back by on the way home and get a shot that would actually work as an HDR image. However, when going through and editing I liked the clouds in this one better so I decided to merge the 3 images and it turned out fantastic. There is a bit of noise, which I was able to reduce some in post, but nothing too overboard.

I have begun shooting completely manual on my Sony A6000 camera and I feel much more awesome doing it! I can get the adjustments just right to get the shot I want (even when I forget to check my ISO), making sure that I expose for the things that I want to expose for (like that fabulous sky for example!). That's actually the reason I didn't notice the ISO after forgetting to check it. Everything looked right in camera. If I had been shooting in Aperture Priority I would've noticed the image being too blown out at smaller apertures that would have turned me on to the fact that the ISO was too high. In the end it all worked out and I go the shot that I saw in my head. More to come from this ride around shoot, including a videoed editing sessions (possibly live).

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