Gentry's Store - Starkville

Gentry's Store - Starkville

This old convenience store (it is no longer open) is right outside of town and being there just makes you feel like you have been taken back in time.

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Back Road
Back Road

Back Road

Sat Aug 20, 2016

Sometimes I like to just get out and explore the back roads near my home, my work, or wherever I happen to be at the time. 95% of the time I find several thing worth photographing.

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North Farm Tree - MSU

Fri May 1, 2015

So keeping with the vintage theme, here's another similarly edited shot to the last two that I posted of a cool tree looking out over North Farm on the Mississippi State campus.

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Chapel Front - Mississippi State University

Tue Jun 30, 2015

I posted a photo of the back of the Chapel of Memories in February and I have taken lots of photos there.

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