Good Food & Light Trails

Good Food & Light Trails

I walked downtown last night in West Point and wanted to mess around with some long exposures, usingthe BULB setting on my A6000, which I have never really done before. I downloaded a free long exposture app on my phone called Frist Exposure to help me get the time calculation down. I took a couple of 3.5 minute exposures, but they didn't quite turn out how I wanted. This particular photo is about a 1:15 exposure shot at F22 and 100ISO. I really like the reflection of the light trails in the photo from the window to the right. Unfortunately, traffic in West Point at 8:00 pm is not exactly bumper to bumper, so I would like to play around with this some more in some heavier traffic. One of the tricky things with these shots was trying to not shoot the nearest light pole, because in my longer exposures they became really blown out and pretty much ruined the photo. The lights in the distance add to the photo, because they are not as bright and don't create what seem like 50 foot starbursts. I really wanted to stand in the middle of the street and do a LE shot, but I didn't think law enforcement would approve. Maybe next time.

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