Goose Overlook

Goose Overlook

Happy 4th everyone! I hope you are having a great one and are eating lots of hot dogs, hamburgers, bbq, etc. with friends and/or family.

Here is a photo from the Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge with some nice clouds on what was a beautiful afternoon.

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Refuge Lake Shore
Refuge Lake Shore

Refuge Lake Shore

Sun Sep 11, 2016

Sorry, no train track photo today. This is just some old photo from one of the Lakes out at the Refuge. This place is so great and is fun to explore any time of the year.

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Broken Tractor - Macon

Thu Mar 12, 2015

Sometimes when looking for places in small towns to shoot photos, downtowon buildings, though always interesting, can become monotonous to shoot, so it's always refreshing to find something differe

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Orange Field & Finding inspiration

Mon Apr 4, 2016

Here is a picture I took a while back at the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge during the fall.

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