Ground Zero - Clarksdale


When I decided to go to Clarksdale to shoot, I knew that one of the places I wanted to photograph was the Ground Zero Blues Club downtown, which is owned by actor Morgan Freeman. Part of me hoped I would run into him, but it was closed at this time and I'm sure he was off shooting a movie somewhere. I took this photo pretty early in the morning and it was still dark enough because of the clouds to get some good colors from the neon lights and other lights surrounding the building. I love the contrast of the colors and I also thought it best to go pretty rugged with the HDR here to reflect the feel of the whole scene. And I just love the blob that the side light created on the right side of the photo so I decided to leave it there.

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Miss Dell's - Clarksdale

Sun Nov 15, 2015

I liked the colors going on at this old building, from the blue in the clouds, the orange and yellow on the front of the building, to the green wall to the right, and the rusted tin.

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Church Tree

Mon Feb 22, 2016

I took this photo a few miles outside of Clarksdale. I had to park my car next to the church and then get out and take the photo from across the road. Luckily this highway was not busy... at all.

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Steps to the Church
Steps to the Church

Steps to the Church

Sun May 29, 2016

I found this old abandoned church while touring through Coahoma County last October. I love finding places like this and they are abdundant in the Mississippi Delta.

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