So I went out on a limb this time and tried to figure out what type of plane this is and from what I found, I do believe this is a C-130 Hercules, a plane which has many different functions. I even named the blog post "Hercules" so if I am wrong will look kind of dumb and if I am wrong, I am sure someone will let me know. Anyway, this is a beautiful plane that I photographed at the April 2015 air show at the Columbus Air Force Base.

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White Foam

Thu Jun 8, 2017

A nice sunset at the Columbus Lock & Dam with some a little noise added to give it a bit of a film look.

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Christmas Tree
Christmas! Day 1

Christmas! Day 1

Fri Dec 18, 2015

My wife and I recently became homeowners for the first time so we have spent the past two weeks moving, painting and unpacking so there is no Christmas tree up in our house... yet.

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Downtown Light Trails - Columbus

Mon Apr 27, 2015

I took this photo the same day that I took Wednesday's Photo.

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