Hi from L.A. and a Dirty Gazeebo

Brick Gazeebo

Hello from Los Angeles. My wife and I, along with a couple of friends, landed in L.A. this morning and have spent all day exploring and seeing the sights, and man is it beautiful here! I'm looking forward to exploring the city and surrounding area and, of course, taking tooooooons of photos, which I will share with you soon and on my LIFE photography Facebook and Instagram, so don't forgot to also follow that project on both of those accounts.

This gazeebo is located at the abandoned Okolona College, which I have been posting photos of lately (and will continue to do). This is actually a very nice gazeebo, except for the overgrown limbs and weeds surrounding, although it seems that the lawn here is at least mowed every now and then. For photography purposes, though, they added a nice touch to the composition of the image. I gave this one a darker feel to kind of capture the emotion you feel when you are actually there looking at it.

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School Is In
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