The Himalaya - Columbus

The Himalaya - Columbus

This is a shot of the Himalay ride with the Yoyo ride in the background. There was no sign of the Yeti anywhere though. It's fun to take photos at fairs like this because of all the lights and the action. You can really capture some photos with motion, which I think are nice.

Some exenuating circumstances have prevented me from travelling around much, other than Birmingham, but hopefully this weekend I'll be able to get outside of the Golden Triangle and expand my gallery to some places I haven't been able to get to yet.

Also, I hope to have some good news in the next couple of days to share with you that I hope you will take advantage of.

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Tue Oct 24, 2017

I've been digging out some old shots lately. Here is another one from the 2015 Columbus Air Show at the Columbus Air Force Base.

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White Christmas Tree

Sat Dec 19, 2015

Here is photo #2 in my week of Christmas photos. This tree is inside of Holly Hocks store in downtown Columbus.

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Tiny River Channel - Columbus

Thu Aug 6, 2015

Sometimes I like to play around with tilt-shift photography.

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