A House Between - Okolona

A House Between - Okolona

I made a whirlwind tour a couple of weekends ago starting in Aberdeen and ending in Bruce before heading home, capturing some photos from 3 more counties. I found this abandoned house (most of downtown Okolona is abandoned buildings, unfortunately) between two other buildings downtown. I thought it was an odd place for a house to be, but cool that it was where it was. I am just assuming that this was a house and not a place of business, so I guess I could be wrong about that. I do think that you find so many interesting things in older downtowns because I don't think there were as many restrictions/regulations on how things had to be built or how it had to look, so you find things in odd places sometimes. Looking forward to more tours of the state, hopefully with less whirlwind.

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Abandoned College
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This Old House - Okolona

This Old House - Okolona

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