House By the Water

House By the Water

Here is a beautiful sunset that I was able to capture the other evening. This is right off of the Tombigbee River in Clay County right off of Hwy. 50. There is a nice neighborhood that surrounds the channels that come off of the river. The water was nice and calm, creating a great reflection.

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Blazing Sky
Blazing Sky

Blazing Sky

Mon Oct 3, 2016

I went out to shoot the sunset last night because I have been slacking lately on my photo taking and when you vow to post a photo every single day you cannot be a slacker.

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Water Tower at Sunset - West Point

Thu Aug 20, 2015

Went out on a sunset adventure the other day because I knew there would be a good one.

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Commerce Street in West Point

Thu Feb 19, 2015

I'm excited to finally reveal one of the many photos of my hometown, West Point, MS. This is Commerce St. downtown and I took this photo standing in front of the City Hall building.

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