Jackson Place

Jackson Place

Here is a shot from my stop in Jackson. I believe the building on the left is called the Pinnacle Building. I went inside that building hoping to get an indoor HDR shot of the lobby. I walked in and saw that no one was there so I set up my tripod to take a shot when all of the sudden a security guard appeared from behind one of the columns and told me that I couldn't photograph inside the building, although he didn't really explain why. He was very nice though and we actually had a good conversation afterwards. I really want to get more indoor shots at some of the places that I go to, but sometimes people are finnacky about you photographing inside. Not really sure why, especially when I'm not photographing people. Hopefully I can get some shots like that in the future.

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Mississippi Center for Justice - Jackson

Tue Jun 16, 2015

This building is right across the street from the capitol building (side of the captiol building that is).

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Memorial Statue - Jackson

Thu Aug 13, 2015

I really liked this statue I found near the capitol building.

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Capitol Bell
Capitol Bell

Capitol Bell

Sat Apr 23, 2016

Here is the old Capitol Bell that sits in front of the capitol building in downtown Jackson. I really like how the HDR brought out the shine of the bell and the texture as well.

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