Laser Beam

Laser Beam

I love living in West Point. It has a beautiful downtown and it's super quiet in the evenings, which makes walking around much more calming and relaxing. It also means that there aren't many cars coming through, but I did catch this car passing by as I was photographing the sunset. The Ritz really added to Commerce St where most of the historic business district is, so I always love photographing their sign when it's lit up, especially with a narrow aperture set at 22 to really get those starbursts.

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Commerce Street in West Point

Thu Feb 19, 2015

I'm excited to finally reveal one of the many photos of my hometown, West Point, MS. This is Commerce St. downtown and I took this photo standing in front of the City Hall building.

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Corner Door
Corner Door

Corner Door

Mon Apr 24, 2017

Not good weather and lots of yard work kept me from getting out and getting photos this weekend, but hopefully I can catch some good stuff this week and next weekend.

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Windmill at Sunrise

Thu Apr 9, 2015

The windmill is the symbol of West Point as it greets you a few miles outside of town on Highway 50. I woke up pretty early on a Saturday to get this shot.

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