Little Angel

Mon Oct 16, 2017

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I really enjoyed my visit to the Natchez Cemetery (as much as you can enjoy a cemetery). The history and some of the intriguing stories behind some of the graves really fascinated me so my wife and I searched for the graves that we read about ahead of time. This photo is from the "Thunderstorm" grave where a young girl was buried. The grave has stairs that lead down underneath the tombstone where once upon a time the casket could be viewed by walking down the stairs so that the girl's mother could sit with her during storms because her daughter was afraid of them. Once the mother passed away the entrance was filled in but the stairs still remain. A very fascinating and even sort of sweet story. This angel sits right next to the grave looking very timid and sweet and seems to fit right in with the backstory of this grave site. There are lots of neat stories associated with old cemetaries like the one in Natchez. Friendship Cemetery in Columbus is another full of stories.