Little Elvis Presley

Tue Feb 17, 2015

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I traveled with my wife up to Arkansas to visit some friends this weekend, and although I wasn't able to take many photos along the way while still in Mississippi, I did manage to make a stop at Elvis Presley's birthplace and snap a few photos. I really like how this photo turned out, mainly because of the detail in the statue. It looks like it's coming out of the photo. I love HDR photography!

The Photos page continues to grow, so please be patient as I add more photos everyday. Yes, EVERYday! I am making plans on places to visit when the scenery gets better along with the warmer weather in the spring, until then I will be taking photos as I'm able, wherever I happen to be. Sometimes it's hard to find good photos when everything is dead, but I will still try. I hope you are finding this site interesting as it continues to grow. I really enjoy sharing my photos and allowing people to see more of this great state.